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Air Conditioning Repair In Aubrey, TX

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We do everything bigger in Texas - and that includes the numbers on our summer temps. If your air conditioner breaks down, you can't afford to wait for service - you need fast, efficient, expert attention to get the cool air flowing again. From Aubrey to Krugerville and beyond, the sight of our highly-trained technicians sends an important message - help is on the way. It is our mission to take care of our customers with exacting craftsmanship and unshakeable integrity; trust us with your HVAC system and we'll have you saying "mission accomplished."


Listen To What Your AC Is Telling You

Most of the time, your AC hums along, doing its work without a care in the world, and you hardly notice it. But if there's something your system is doing that you do notice, chances are it's trying to get your attention. Keep an eye out for these signs:

  • Frozen AC - If your AC is regularly freezing up, that's a problem. Check to make sure it isn't running when the temperature is already below 62 degrees - and if it's not, you definitely have a deeper issue that needs to be addressed.
  • AC Blowing Lukewarm Or Hot Air - Feeling air coming from the vents, but without the cool kiss of comfort you expect? You could have an issue with your compressor, or even a refrigerant leak. Either way, you need it checked.
  • Water Leaks - If it's sweltering hot outside, it's normal to see some water dripping from your unit. But if it's happening all the time, or you see water collecting or soaking your unit, you could have a clog in your condensate line. You won't want to ignore that.
  • Bad Smells - Is there a burning, chemical or moldy smell coming out of your ductwork? This could be due to a number of problems, every one of which you'll want to get fixed, for the sake of your HVAC system and potentially also you and your family's health.

We don't expect you to diagnose the problem yourself - just know that if your air conditioner is doing anything out of the ordinary, it probably isn't supposed to. Get it checked out by one of our home AC repair professionals as soon as you can.

Why is my house getting hotter with the air conditioner on?

Poor insulation and air leaks can allow the air that your air conditioner has worked so hard to cool to escape, making your house feel hot even when the air conditioner is running. The tracking of temperatures by your thermostat can be hampered by humidity, which also traps heat. The "why is my house so hot" phenomenon may be caused by blocked vents, which prevent the cooled air from reaching other parts of the house, leaving them hot and uncomfortable.

How do I troubleshoot my AC in my house?

The next time your AC is having problems, try these DIY troubleshooting tips:


  • Look for a dirty air filter: If your air conditioner isn't getting enough airflow, it can eventually fail completely and result in a whole host of other issues.
  • Verify the thermostat's settings: Make sure the thermostat is set to “cool” rather than “heat”. Also, be sure the fan is on “auto” and not “on”
  • Check the circuit breakers: Examine any circuit breakers that aren't in the ON position at the main electrical panel in your home. Look specifically for a circuit breaker marked "air conditioner" or "AC" if your circuit breakers are clearly labeled.
  • Look over your outdoor unit:  while you're outside use a hose on a gentle setting to remove any dirt you see on the exterior of the appliance.

Check each air vent: Make sure all supply vents, including those in unused rooms, are open and unblocked as you walk through your house.

Should I Repair My Unit Or Replace It?

It's a difficult question to answer. Replacing an entire air conditioning system is a major investment, one most people would want to avoid if they can help it. Most times, a simple repair will do. But if you're experiencing any of the items below, you may want to consider a new HVAC system.

  • You find yourself needing repairs on your unit fairly regularly.
  • Your energy bills are spiking for no good reason.
  • Your system is making loud banging sounds.
  • You regularly smell burning or chemical smells from your unit, even after repair.
  • Your unit is over 10 years old.

While we always hope we can fix your system, if it does need replacing, we can provide the right solutions for you there as well.

Choose Comfort. Choose CVJ.

Since 1993, we've taken care of the good people of North Texas with honesty, integrity and a commitment to excellent service. If your AC needs repair, we can do it on-time, on-budget and with the confidence you won't have to call us back out. If you're noticing the signs above or anything else strange happening with your unit, send us a message online or give us a call 940-251-2941 !