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Common Causes For AC Repair In Aubrey, TX

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Why Do I Need AC Repair?

It's a warm, North Texas day and you're loving the cool breeze from the vents in your living room. You're in your favorite chair and all is right in the world.

Well, it was... now it's hot.

The room is sweltering!

Is that a scorpion?!

What's happening in here?!!

The most common causes for AC repair come from poor installation of your air conditioning unit or from a lack of proper maintenance. There are other factors, as you'll see below, but those two are involved quite a bit.

  • AC Repair Cause 1: Your HVAC Is Not Getting Adequate Maintenance

If you do not take care of your air conditioner, it will not work right. That sounds pretty simple, but it is a frequent cause of broken air conditioning. Your AC filters and coils should be kept clean. Otherwise, the compressor or fans may break sooner than you would normally expect.

  • AC Repair Cause 2: Failure Of The Electronic Controls

The parts that control the air conditioner's fan and compressor can break over time. This might happen if it turns on and off a lot, which often happens when the system is too big. Corrosion can also be a problem for wires and terminals. This is something we can check during an AC maintenance service.

  • AC Repair Cause 3: Your Refrigerant is Leaking

If your air conditioner is not cooling, it may not have enough refrigerant. This could be because there was not enough refrigerant put in when the unit was installed or it might be leaking. To fix the problem, you need a trained technician to find and repair any leaks. Then we will put the correct amount of refrigerant back in.

For the air conditioner to work best, it needs to have exactly the right amount of refrigerant as recommended by the manufacturer - not too much or too little. Leaking refrigerant can also harm our environment so make sure to get any leaks fixed right away!

  • AC Repair Cause 4: Problems With Your Sensor

Sometimes the problem is high-tech. Air conditioners have a temperature sensor behind the control panel. This sensor measures how hot or cold the air is coming in. If the sensor gets knocked out of place, the air conditioner may not work correctly. Call CVJ today and we can send a technician to make sure that it is close to the coil without touching it, giving you the most accurate readings!

  • AC Repair Cause 5: Drainage Problems

Sometimes the problem is low-tech. If an air conditioner is not level, it may not drain properly.

When it's humid, check the drain to make sure it is not blocked and that water can flow through. It's important to make sure this drain flows freely because water back-ups could lead to flooding.

Due to the dark and damp conditions of your air conditioner's drain pipe, one of the things that can be blocking it is mold. Make sure you get the system checked if you notice that the system is not draining because mold and other contaminants that grow in these conditions can be harmful to your health.

The Best Way To Deal With AC Repair

A broken air conditioner is the last thing you want to deal with. Now that we understand some of the most common ways we get here, it's time to figure out what we do about it.

Oh, that part is easy. You can send us a message online or call CVJ at 940-251-2941 !

We have been helping people in North Texas since 1993. We will do the job right, on time and within your budget. If you notice anything strange with your AC, choose comfort. Choose CVJ.